Monday, October 15, 2007

What is ass2mouth A2M

Ass To Mouth (a.k.a. ass2mouth, A2M, ATM, AtM) – removal of the penis from (girl’s) anus followed by the immediate insertion into the (girl’s, same or another) mouth. That’s my official definition of ass2mouth in this blog :) As for me, you can substitute word ‘girl’ with word ‘boy’ or may be even ‘strange-green-humanoid’ – as you like. Personally, I like girls :) Especially, when they give a head.

If you graduated high school, or may be simply scientific-minded, you can notice, that Ass to mouth generally excludes cleaning the penis or other object (turn on your fantasy! ;) ) after its removal from the anus and before its insertion into the mouth for the sake of increased sexual excitement. OK, I don’t mind.

One girl is cool. Fuck girl in ass and mouth even cooler! But what’s about if there is a few girls??? Yees, MO-O-ONSTEER sex :) Variant of A2M, where cock is moved from one girl’s (or partner, if you want) ass to a different girl’s mouth is known as A2OGM or ATOGMAss To Other Girl’s Mouth. Or sometimes A2OM(what’s the abbreviation? ;) )

Boring? Dull?

Have a look on A2M example :)
That'll do for today.
If you have any suggestions on this definition please feel free to write me :)